Vuarde Tech Climbing Shoes

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Designed For : Indoor climbing or rock climbing. Ideal for ADVANCED and EXPERIENCED climbers. The most technical in the range, it offers very high precision and exceptional grip with its Vibram rubber XS Grip.

Gender : Any
Age Range : Adult
Care Instructions : Warm the outsole by rubbing with your hand before climbing (this enables the rubber to stick immediately thus avoiding abrasion caused by a cold outsole slipping on the rock); clean outsole after the climb (to prevent dust from sticking to the rubber as it cools down).
Grip : Vibram XS rubber for excellent grip and abrasion resistance.
Anatomic design : Slightly asymmetric shape for a snug fit.
Accuracy : Very precise, suitable for technical climbing. Good grip on tiny holds.
Composition : Breathable Lorica® synthetic leather forefoot, leather upper, XS Grip Vibram® midsole and outsole.
Sole : XS GRIP Vibram® rubber midsole and outsole, excellent grip and abrasion resistance.
Upper : Breathable Lorica® synthetic forefoot (flexibility and perfect fit), leather upper. 2 hook & loop straps.
Shape : Asymmetric (optimum grip on small holds), not suitable for rounded feet. Ideal for technical climbing.