Goose Down Feather and Adventure Compass

Posted by Amit Mamgain - Owner Adventure Compass on 21st Jun 2021

Goose Down Feather and Adventure Compass

Since it's very inception it was Adventure Compass' constant endeavor to adhere to the highest morals of sustainability. In support of this principle we started renting gear to the rafting enthusiasts that came to Rishikesh, since 2009. When we were not satisfied with any brands, most of which shifted to mass production in China, making gear that didn't last, so that they could sell more and more to the same people, we had to move to production. In the production field we supported commercial trekking and mountaineering companies by providing them good quality gear that lasted. In addition to that, we do repairs for Not Only the gear made by us, but also gear made by our competitors. Understanding our social responsibility we gave interest free credit to the youngsters from the mountains who wanted to start their own company but neither had the money nor any collateral. All they had was the passion for the outdoors and humility which is essential for success in the service industry. After setting such high principles for ourselves which didn't always result in profit or growth, we were constantly faced with the dilemma, To sell or not to sell Leather and Goose Down products. 

We were constantly requested by our patrons to make or source good quality goose down jackets and sleeping bags. We always hesitated and sourced (little used good condition) second hand gear from Nepal for these mountain guides. However, we searched and searched for a sustainable solution for this demand. We then learned of the Big Impact second hand gear market in India. Here second hand clothing is imported as Rags from foreign countries and then repaired, washed, ironed and sold to the Indians. These Indians are the ones who can't afford an authentic UniQlo jacket but need it more as they work at -10°C. The issue which we faced here was the fact that not all jackets that came in could be repaired and had to be discarded. We worked with these sellers and started sourcing our down from them. 

This down since it is harvested from different brands and sources is not consistent in quality and fill power. We then put together an ecosystem where people refurbish this down by passing them through blowers. This is then segregated according to their fill power and transported to us. We then put it into sleeping bags and jackets to be used by our patrons. There are advantages and disadvantages of doing what we do. The top advantage is pricing, as we have made Goose down products affordable for Indians. The top disadvantage is packing size, the packing size is not the same as a top brand 800 FP down sleeping bag, as we have to use more to attain the same temperatures. 

One thing is for sure, we sleep easy and have a clear conscience. That's the story of your Goose Down sleeping bag made by Adventure Compass.